professional business intelligence

checking and verification of information provided to insurance companies

the harvesting of information in civil, family and matrimonial cases

checking the reliability of partners

professional wiretaps detection

Check particular people

staff, collaborators and organizations audits

verify the validity of sick leave

checking unfair competition

check employees and job applicants

property credibility

check trading partners

extra protection of trade names and trademarks against unauthorized use

checking place of residence, work connections

searching people

genetic identification

determination of debtors assets

Investigations agency Poland

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Investigations Agency Poland

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Investigations Agency   XINVEST      

                                                                        - Robert Danieluk


 os. Kombatantów 6

 31-630 Cracow, Poland



tel. +48 695 500 085

                                          - 24 Hours Everyday








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collection of information

  in civil, family, marriage

checking the reliability

  of partners ...


 Detective Agency

 XINVEST - Robert Danieluk

 os. Kombatantów 6

 31-630 Cracow


 tel. +48 695 500 085

          - 24 Hours Everyday


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